Welcome to PQ Albums.

Making beautiful books and albums is something my family has been doing for over half a century. PQ Albums are exquisitely made with the same care and attention to detail that my grandfather started doing 50 years ago.

His legacy has continued, and today our family publishing business, Blackwell & Ruth, has originated world class titles, including the only authorized portrait of Diana – Princess of Wales, authorized biographies of Nobel Laureates Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu and best-selling books for international photographers such as Tim Flach, Andrew Zuckerman and Albert Watson.

After decades of creating books, we’ve tried all the papers, binding methods and printing techniques out thereand it’s this experience that led to the creation of PQ Albums. Today our books and albums are designed to preserve your special moments beautifully, in a range of materials and formats that will see them endure lifetimes.

I am proud to continue the family tradition of making beautiful albums and books that will tell the story of your family for generations. 

Henry Blackwell

PQ Albums, 3rd generation publisher



Who have we worked with in the past?

Through our publishing business, Blackwell & Ruth, we have worked with many leading photographers. Come and be a part of this award-winning group:

Tim Flach

Andrew Zuckerman

Albert Watson

Mark Laita

Rachael Hale Mckenna