Q: Can I design using third party design software other than SmartAlbums and Fundy?

A: Yes, absolutely! Our system allows you to upload your spreads as full bleed pages, bearing in mind that the first and last pages will be single pages. The document below provides the specifications and dimensions (in millimeters), to format your spreads to. Every format on our website is covered.

PQ Album design requirements


Q: How do you convert from RGB to CMYK for printing?

A: To achieve a print result that’s as close as possible to your original images we use an innovative wide-gamut RGB workflow. This makes use of the HP Indigo’s entire color gamut rather than simulating the results of a conventional CMYK offset process. The result is more vivid, saturated colors and smoother skin tones and gradients.


Q: What color profiles do you support?

A: Our RGB workflow supports wide-gamut profiles including Adobe RGB and ProPhoto RGB, as well as the standard sRGB. Images should be uploaded with the profile embedded. If using Fundy or SmartAlbums the default is set to sRGB, however you can change this to suit your workflow as above.


Q: What resolution should my images be?

A: We recommend aiming for a resolution of 300dpi at the final size and our software will alert you if this drops below 150dpi*. Please note this function will only work when uploading individual images into our design templates.


Q: How is the high gloss finish for albums created?

A: The new high gloss option is produced by coating our most popular E-Photo Lustre paper with a high gloss laminate that closely resembles a glossy photographic print, adding authenticity and an extra touch of nostalgia to your clients' keepsakes.


Q: Is there an extra cost for the high gloss finish?

A: Yes, there is an extra cost. Cost is 32c per page for medium albums and 45c per page for large albums.


Q: What is the difference between a book and an album?

A: Our albums range from 24-46 pages and the paper is mounted onto board giving an overall page thickness of approximately 1 mm. The pages are bound using a lay-flat, flush-mounted binding technique.

Our photo books range from 24-160 pages, the pages are bound using the section-sewn binding technique. This is an extremely robust, traditional method of book-binding. It is important to note that with this binding technique the pages lie relatively flat, but not perfectly flat as the method used for the albums.


Q: How do you define a 'page'?

A: A page is a single side. Therefore two pages = one spread.


Q: How can I add a presentation box and/or cover and spine text?

A: When designing/laying out your album in our design studio please select ‘add ons’ on the left-hand panel. This will give you the option to add these to your product.


Q: Can my customers see your pricing?

A: No, we require all professionals to register and be verified by our team, before we provide login details to view our pricing information.


Q: Does your product have branding?

A: Yes, our product comes with subtle PQ Albums branding on the spine appearing as initials “PQ” on the spine, with “PQ Albums” written on the back inside cover of the album/book. If you require de-branded product please contact us and we can remove this manually for a small extra cost.


Q: Can I create a custom design for my cover?

A: Not on our website, but if this is something you require please contact us and we can do this for you at an additional cost.


Q: Do you offer debossed cover text?

A: Not on our website, but if this is something you require please talk to us and we can provide this at an additional cost.


Q: Where are you located?

A: We run our business from Auckland, New Zealand. All of our product is shipped from Asia to over 35 countries around the world. We subsidize the shipping expense on all of our books and albums, which are sent via DHL Express courier.


Q: Do you offer print proofs?

A: If this is something you require please contact us via contact@pqalbums.com and we can arrange this for you at an additional cost.


Q: What is your print process?

All of our photo books and albums are printed on HP Indigo six color digital presses. The six color printing process gives smoother tone transition and more saturated colors compared to standard four color printing.


Q: How can I calculate the cost of my album/book?

A: The base price is the cost of the book/album which includes 24 pages and is exclusive of shipping. The additional page cost refers to a singular page/workable side. Within an album, pages must be added in twos. Within a photo book, pages must be added in fours. Leather covers and presentation boxes are add-on products and can be added at face value.


Q: What is pre-purchase and how does it work?

A: Pre-purchasing an album or photo book allows you to buy our product at a discounted price. Upon completing the pre-purchase, you are then sent a voucher code that you can apply to the project within a six-month time frame. To redeem the pre-purchased offer, simply apply the voucher into the designated field on the payment page (during checkout), before the six-month expiry.


Q: How can I redeem my discount code?

A: Discount codes and pre-purchased codes can be redeemed at the checkout*. You will have this option after entering your shipping details, on the same page where you enter your credit information.

*Note that only one code can be applied to any single transaction. You cannot apply more than one discount code in conjunction.


Q: How can I best manage black & white image files?

A: Black & white images require more careful monitoring. Files should be proofed in either sRGB or AdobeRGB. If your book contains many black & white images, please notify us immediately after placing your order, quoting your order number.


Q: What are your estimated turnaround times?


Estimated production time for all albums & large photo books: 14–21 days.
Estimated production time for medium photo books: 7–12 days.
Estimated delivery time: 3–5 working days.