How the design process works.


1. Login/Register with PQ Albums. 
2. Design your photo book or album using our design studio, or use one of our recommended third-party design software providers.
3. Select your format and click "start creating" to open the design studio.
4. Upload your images or spread designs into our design studio and lay out your photo book or album. (Reminder the first and last page must be a single page).
5. Edit the paper type and cover fabric from the DESIGN tab in the design studio.
6. Choose the cover design and add optional UV-printed text to the cover and spine, and presentation box.
7. Share a preview with your client using the link provided under the MY ALBUMS page.
8. Finally, check over your project in preview mode to ensure you are happy, then proceed to print.



Important points of note:

We do not check customer files for accuracy. This is the responsibility of the customer.
We do not offer a color correction service. All image preparation is the responsibility of the consumer.